Nelissen Grade is a law firm with its roots in Leuven

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In 1946, Hervé Nelissen Grade set up his office in Leuven. It was centrally located and had considerable potential, starting off as a compact family firm and growing to become a multi-disciplinary law firm with all-round legal services. From private individuals to businesses and government authorities, the firm added prominent national and international names to its client portfolio over the following years. And as the growth in clients, lawyers and offices increased, so did Nelissen Grade’s areas of specialisation.

Today Nelissen Grade is a leading Belgian law practice with highly regarded practices in Leuven, Brussels and Hasselt. What is the key to this success? Expertise and teamwork! With over 50 lawyers covering diverse fields of law, the firm has a vast range knowledge and capacity available to smoothly and competently handle large, complex legal cases.

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The law practice
with a crystal-clear vision

Tailored legal advice with a solution-oriented mindset

Nelissen Grade guarantees high-quality legal assistance with a pragmatic outlook. A key feature of this is constructive discussion in strict confidentiality. Whether it is a sensitive family quarrel or a complex negotiation between partners, our lawyers will open the debate, listen attentively and analyse your case in depth. We think in terms of solutions and efficiency, opting first for mediation before expensive court proceedings.

Discover our fields of expertise
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Top lawyers in a broad range of legal fields

Whether they be generalists or niche specialists, Nelissen Grade’s lawyers excel in in their respective disciplines, constantly honing their skills both in house and externally. The shared motivation? A hunger for knowledge, strong empathy and the ambition to find a grounded, high-quality and client-oriented solution for every legal issue, no matter how complex.

Meet our lawyers
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Expert teams with complementary knowledge

With a multi-disciplinary team of over 50 lawyers, Nelissen Grade has sound expertise in diverse fields of law. Because no case is restricted to a single and purely legal subject matter, you can count on us taking a bird’s-eye view of your circumstances. Our expert teams devote their attention to your case - each within their field of expertise and educational background - and analyse it with an eye for detail.

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