Committed, correct and client-oriented. In every case.

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Committed, correct and client-oriented.
In every case.

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Nelissen Grade is a multidisciplinary law firm with many years of experience that focuses on its clients and quality. Based at our Leuven, Brussels and Hasselt offices, our lawyers support individuals, businesses and authorities with diverse legal cases, both national and international. Our committed lawyers mediate, advise and anticipate; with over 75 years of experience, we are thoroughly familiar with legal practice.

Whether it concerns corporate law, employment law or legacies, Nelissen Grade has an extensive stock of knowledge at its disposal and it offers both broad and in-depth advice, from family mediation and assistance at hearings to complex, cross-border cases and proceedings. Would you like to discuss your case confidentially? Our team of over 50 lawyers is ready to lend a listening ear and provide high-level legal advice and assistance: well-considered, solution-oriented and 100% tailored to your unique circumstances.

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