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Nelissen Grade at the VRG job fair: 5 tips for your job search

Coming soon: the annual VRG job fair. On 22 November, numerous law students will gather at the University Hall in Leuven in search of a future employer to kick off their careers. Nelissen Grade will again be in attendance this year. What can you expect? How can you best prepare for your job search as a student? Our lawyers have put together some great advice!


Visit the VRG job fair and stop by Nelissen Grade

KU Leuven's job fair is a traditional highlight for many last-year students. Dressed in your best attire, resume in hand and with just the right amount of nervousness, you will soon be heading in for an interview with the law firm of your dreams. What is the key to good preparation? Nelissen Grade offers 5 tips for a successful job fair.

#1 Don’t be afraid to approach law firms
Perhaps the most important piece of advice: take the initiative to talk to firms. Rest assured, you don't have to know all the lawyers by name or memorise their entire office history. Even if you are just curious, you are welcome to an initial introduction at the VRG job fair.

#2 Be specific about your preferred specialisation
It's good to think carefully about your professional future in the run-up to the job fair. Where does your passion lie? What area of law do you want to master in full? Answering these questions ahead of time makes it easier for the lawyers to determine if you are a fit for a specific expertise group.

#3 Adopt an interested attitude
Being an attentive interlocutor is essential to a good conversation. It allows you to ask a senior partner interesting questions about the ins and outs of the legal profession. If inside information on the office atmosphere is what you're after, be sure to strike up a chat with a younger trainee lawyer or check out our LinkedIn and Instagram for a look behind the scenes.

#4 Dress for the job you want
You only get one shot at a first impression. It may seem obvious, but it's best to turn up at a job fair looking well-groomed in business attire. Showing up in sweatpants or ripped jeans will not score any points here. Choose an outfit you feel comfortable in that matches the firm you are interested in.

#5 Don't forget your resume
Lastly, don't forget to polish up your resume before leaving for the VRG job fair. Your education, internships, language skills, valuable extracurricular activities—a good resume leaves a tangible impression and a better chance of a potential hire. Preparation is key!

Save the date and meet Nelissen Grade at the VRG job fair: 22 November, 11:00–16:00, University Hall Leuven – Jubileumzaal (Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven).

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