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Property lawyer Liesbet Van Gijsel on specialising and constantly learning

Liesbet Van Gijsel joined law firm Nelissen Grade in 2018. A decision she is still firmly committed to five years later. ‘The work in focused expertise groups and the pleasant atmosphere at the firm immediately appealed to me. Even now, several years later, I’m still constantly learning.’ Meet this property lawyer.

The expertise | From generalist to property lawyer
Liesbet started her bar apprenticeship in the legal profession as a generalist. ‘I had graduated with a master's degree in notarial law and wasn't sure whether being a lawyer was for me. I wanted to start as broadly as possible and get a taste of different branches of law.’ Her passion soon turned out to lie in civil law. So two years later, Liesbet made the switch to the law firm Nelissen Grade, where she went on to specialise in property law. ‘You can continue to develop even within the same branch of law. Discussions on co-ownership, buying/selling property, construction disputes, rental and lease cases, the list goes on. It's extremely broad.’

The job | Advising, advocating, counselling and ... participating in dictations
With more than seven years of experience under her belt, Liesbet has developed into a specialist in property law. From advising clients to pleading in court to sifting through files. ‘But I spend most of my time writing texts. Statements of case, opinions, notices of default, contracts, memos, letters, ... Writing skills come in handy as a property lawyer.’ A quality that Liesbet is obviously no stranger to. She enjoys reading books in her spare time and participating in the Schrijfwijzen (successor of the televised spelling test, the Groot Dictee der Nederlandse Taal), where she invariably wins a prize.

The team | Nelissen Grade, a vibrant law firm
Not only the specialisations but also the atmosphere at Nelissen Grade was a decisive factor for Liesbet. ‘Although we are a diverse team, everyone possesses the same drive and mindset. Helping clients, that's why we do it.’ That connection extends to the team events. ‘There are regular office activities throughout the year. From a trip to the Champagne region to a Christmas dinner. That's how you get to know your colleagues in a new way.’ An extra plus? The Nelissen Grade Academy. ‘We encourage each other to keep learning. Following up on new legislation, sharing concordance tables, ... You name it.’

‘As a property lawyer, I’m right at home at Nelissen Grade. Working in expert groups is a great advantage. It allows you to broaden your knowledge within a specific area of law. If you have questions about a different branch of law, you can consult a colleague.’
– Liesbet Van Gijsel, property and civil lawyer


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