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A day in the life of Amy Lemmens, trainee lawyer in employment law

Meet Amy Lemmens, a trainee lawyer in employment law. She has already been at Nelissen Grade for more than a year and is almost at the halfway point of her bar internship. Why did Amy choose the legal profession? She dreamed of a job as a lawyer from an early age. After earning a master’s degree in law, she decided to pursue her dream. What does a day in the life of an employment lawyer look like? Read more.

Morning drive | A relaxing car ride and refreshing walk to the NG office
Amy starts her day in the car. She lives in Waanrode, about forty-five minutes from the Nelissen Grade offices in Leuven. To start the morning off on a good note, she parks a fifteen-minute walk away so she can enjoy an invigorating morning walk before arriving at the lively Philips Site. Next up? She greets the other early arrivals at the office, grabs a cup of coffee and gets started.

Legal kickstart | From legal research to subpoenas and statements of case
Every day is different for an employment lawyer. And Amy can attest to that. Writing opinions, drafting subpoenas working out statements of case, answering emails, etc. Always with extensive research preceding the legal decision. This research extends to various employment law issues. From employment contracts to workplace discrimination to claims about wage components. All of these are cases that Amy handles.

Lunchtime | Clearing your head for a while
After a morning of studying files intensively, it’s time for a relaxing break. Amy and her colleagues take a short lunch break during the afternoon. A quick bite to eat, a walk through Park Abbey and a catch-up with the other lawyers and trainee lawyers. Any urgent legal questions in the meantime? There is always room for consultation. After the lunch break, Amy discusses the next steps in a case with her mentor Kris Maes.

Afternoon case | Pleading before the labour court
Amy occasionally swaps the open office for the labour court. As a trainee lawyer at Nelissen Grade, you follow up on your cases from A to Z. This means that after working out the statement, you will argue the case in court. Thoroughly analysing a dismissal for urgent reasons, arguing and pleading with confidence: for Amy, that is the most enjoyable aspect of her job as a lawyer.

Close of business | Fun office event or relaxing evening activity
Amy prefers to end the working day in a stress-free way. A yoga session, a relaxing walk, disconnecting in the car, ... A team event is also a must, but luckily these are plentiful at law firm Nelissen Grade. This summer, for instance, she went on the office trip to Reims. Imagine: a sunny city tour and a delicious champagne tasting. No better way to recharge the batteries!


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